Anne Arundel police see no link between carjacking, 2 attempts in Glen Burnie


Anne Arundel police say there appears to be no connection between a carjacking and two failed attempts to rob drivers of their vehicles last week in Glen Burnie - but officials warn residents to take care while the investigation continues.

"There's nothing that ... indicates that these three are linked," police spokesman Sgt. Shawn Urbas said Monday. "But," he added, "any time you have a certain type of crime in a [single] locality, there is a chance that they could be connected."

All three incidents took place on or along major roads in the North County community between Nov. 23 and Nov. 26. Both of the failed carjackings involved a group of attackers who were armed with a handgun.

In the first failed robbery, which occurred Nov. 23 on Nolpark Court near Crain Highway, the assailants, who were foot, attacked a man who was sitting in his parked car. They pushed him to the ground, brandished a gun and demanded his keys. Before the attackers could steal the car, they were spotted by a passing motorist and fled.

During the other attempt, on Nov. 26 in the 7100 block of Ritchie Highway, a group drove alongside a car, pulled a gun on the two men inside and threatened to take their vehicle. That robbery was foiled when the victims sped away from the assailants.

The carjacking, which occurred Nov. 23 in the 6700 block of Ritchie Highway, involved a woman who was robbed of her car by a single robber.

In that instance, the robber pushed the victim into her car, told her that he was HIV positive and threatened to stick her with what he said was a contaminated needle. The woman screamed and struggled with the man before he pushed her out of the car and drove away.

None of the victims was seriously injured, and no suspects had been apprehended.

Citing county crime figures that show fluctuating numbers of carjacking incidents, Urbas said yesterday that he does not believe the "spike in activity" to be the start of a new crime trend in the area.

Nevertheless, he cautioned residents to park in well-lit areas, avoid walking alone and use extra care while getting into and out of their cars, especially during the busy holiday shopping season.

"Just keep in mind [that] your safety is most important," Urbas said.

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