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Court unlikely to overturn Roe

Despite the widespread speculation that a court battle looms over abortion rights, legal experts say they don't expect the Supreme Court - regardless of its makeup - to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling. The numbers simply aren't there, they say. [Page 1a

House passes $388 billion budget

Republicans pushed a sweeping $388 billion spending bill through the House of Representatives yesterday, but its progress was slowed in the Senate. Abortion-rights supporters there opposed a provision making it easier for health-care providers to decline to provide abortions or offer counseling and referrals. [Page 3a


Hussein's weapons plan emerges

Evidence uncovered by American investigators suggests that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was determined during his final years in power to develop conventional ballistic missiles - not biological and chemical weapons. The new evidence also shows that Iraq was not a major threat to its neighbors, much less to Europe or the United States. [Page 1a

Bush calls on N. Korea to disarm

Speaking at an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Chile, President Bush expressed resolve to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table over its nuclear weapons program. Bush met individually yesterday with the leaders of Russia, China, Japan and South Korea, and expressed confidence that all are united in the pursuit of a peaceful resolution to the nuclear dispute. [Page 19a


In classrooms, small equals safe

The long-term solution to the fights and fires of Baltimore's schools, officials and experts say, is to transform the city's hulking, impersonal middle and high schools into smaller schools with higher academic standards and more support for troubled students. And there are early signs that the approach is working. [Page 1a

Rosecroft sold to Angelos group

The owners of Rosecroft Raceway in Prince George's County have signed a $13 million deal to sell the harness racing track to a group controlled by the family of Peter G. Angelos, putting the clout of the politically connected Baltimore trial lawyer behind what is expected to be another push for slots at Maryland horse tracks. [Page 1b

NAACP branch election delayed

The NAACP has postponed its Baltimore branch's election, scheduled for tomorrow, to give the two candidates for president more time to access the local group's membership mailing list. The race between incumbent G. I. Johnson and challenger Marvin "Doc" Cheatham has heated up in recent weeks. [Page 1b


NBA suspends four for brawl

NBA officials acted swiftly the day after a brawl during the Detroit Pistons-Indiana Pacers game, suspending Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson of Indiana and Ben Wallace of Detroit. Police in suburban Detroit were gathering videotapes of the melee to conduct their own investigation. [Page 1a

Navy routs Rutgers, 54-21

With five bowl scouts in attendance, Navy cruised to a 54-21 victory over Rutgers. Aaron Polanco ran for two touchdowns and threw for another, and Kyle Eckel rushed for 143 yards and two touchdowns as the Midshipmen improved to 8-2. [Page 1d

Wildcat Heir in Pimlico upset

Wildcat Heir, at 16-1 odds, scored a startling upset in the Frank J. De Francis Memorial Dash at Pimlico. He withstood a tenacious challenge from Midas Eyes, the 6-5 favorite, to register a neck win and collect $180,000 of the $300,000 purse. [Page 18d


Black Friday falls victim to sales

Once the biggest sales day of the year, "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, has diminished in importance as the ubiquity of sales and bargains has delayed shopping further into the season. The year's largest shopping day now is typically the Saturday before Christmas, followed by preceding Saturdays. [Page 1c

Game makers under stress

Since its founding as a garage industry in the mid-1970s, the video game business has been fueled by testosterone and caffeine. Programmers routinely report napping under their desks or forgoing sleep for days on end. They complain that as budgets and expectations for games explode, so do the workloads for those making them. [Page 1c


Food Bank grows to meet demand

After 25 years, the Maryland Food Bank has come a long way from its origins as a stopgap, temporary aid in the war on poverty. With an ever-larger and more diverse constituency, it undergoes a major expansion this month to help meet the demand. [Page 1e


Get on the bus, Gus

Forget the old stereotypes. Bus tour companies have built vacation packages to please just about any preference, passion or price point. Escorted trips now offer itineraries with as much - or as little - hand-holding as consumers want. [Page 1r


"As you can see, we are not very successful. The poor are still with us, and now, it is getting worse."

Ann Miller, founder of the Maryland Food Bank (Article, Page 1E)



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