Web's many offerings are a political potpourri


You've seen the parody animation of President Bush and Democratic nominee John Kerry singing "This Land Is Your Land" at www.JibJab.com.

What else is there political to check out on the Web, besides a bunch of half-truths?


And with the presidential candidates beginning a series of debates tonight, there are excellent nonpartisan sites that can help you reach an educated decision on issues and races. You might start with www.OnThe Issues.org, www.president match.com and www.vote-smart.org.

Republicans can get more involved through the national committee site, www.rnc.org; Democrats can do the same at www.democrats.org.

And when the whole shebang seems a little ridiculous, go to www.comedycentral.com and click on the link to The Daily Show for its satirical "Indecision 2004" coverage.

And for those seeking some direction before going to the polls, voter guides abound:

DemocracyNet - Maintained by the League of Women Voters. Provides links to state and national candidates and information on issues. Located at www.Congress.org.

FactCheck.org - "Holding Politicians Accountable" is the motto of this nonpartisan site. Located at http://FactCheck.org.

To get the latest news about the races as Election Day nears, good sites to check include:

America Votes 2004 - CNN's all-in-one site offers news and background information. Located at www.CNN.com (click on "politics").

FastPolitics - A politics search engine located at http:// PoliticalInformation.com.

And the major presidential candidates (including independent Ralph Nader) have official sites to check out, too:

Bush - www.GeorgeW Bush.com.

Kerry - www.johnkerry. com/index.html.

Nader - www.votenader. org.

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