As O's still flounder, give thanks for Ravens

Two straight years and Orioles management forces perennial .300 hitter B.J. Surhoff to sign a minor league contract to earn a spot on the big league team. What do these also-ran general managers - Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan - know about big league stars? At best, they were both mediocre pitchers.

On Sept. 5 and Sept. 7, so-called Orioles relief pitcher Jorge Julio cost the Orioles victories, and the manager is either blind or doesn't care where the team winds up for the 2004 season.

Lee Mazzilli is a carbon copy of former manager Mike Hargrove, sitting on the bench while his pitchers get into trouble and he spits sunflower seeds.

I can't wait to find out the Most Valuable Oriole for 2004. Whoever is named will most assuredly be dropped from the roster or traded. Why sign the player at a higher or bonus rate when they can get a minor league or lesser-known ballplayer for a pittance of a salary?

Thank God it's time for the Ravens, and Baltimore sports fans will get what we pay for - a winner, maybe even a Super Bowl team.

Harry I. Kleiman Reisterstown

Horse industry upset with change in results

We in the horse industry in Maryland are very upset that The Sun has cut racing results to the bare bones. It's as if our industry doesn't matter, when we are the second largest in the state.

Would The Sun please reconsider and give horse racing more coverage? We like to know who the trainers are, the owners and the breeding of the winners.

Martha D. Hopkins Darlington

Note: The writer is owner of Elberton Hill Farm.

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