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NFL injury report



Indianapolis at New England

COLTS: Out: LB Gilbert Gardner (ankle); CB Joseph Jefferson (knee); S Bob Sanders (foot); WR Troy Walters (wrist). Questionable: S Cory Bird (concussion); RB James Mungro (wrist); WR Brad Pyatt (thigh). Probable: WR Aaron Moorehead (ankle); CB Donald Strickland (shoulder/hip).

PATRIOTS: Out: RB Kevin Faulk (personal reasons). Questionable: WR Troy Brown (knee). Probable: QB Tom Brady (right shoulder); QB Jim Miller (right shoulder); TE Ben Watson (knee).


Ravens at Cleveland

RAVENS: Out: C Mike Flynn (shoulder). Questionable: DT Kelly Gregg (knee); T Jonathan Ogden (knee); LB Adalius Thomas (knee). Probable: WR Devard Darling (thigh); LB Edgerton Hartwell (thigh); WR Travis Taylor (thigh); S Chad Williams (abdomen).

BROWNS: Out: TE Steve Heiden (knee); DE Corey Jackson (ankle). Doubtful: RB Lee Suggs (neck). Questionable: G Melvin Fowler (ankle); T Joaquin Gonzalez (ankle).

Arizona at St. Louis

CARDINALS: Out: WR Anquan Boldin (knee). Doubtful: LB Raynoch Thompson (knee). Questionable: S Ifeanyi Ohalete (ankle); T L.J. Shelton (back).

RAMS: Out: S Zack Bronson (ankle); CB Travis Fisher (forearm); DT Jimmy Kennedy (foot). Doubtful: G Tom Nutten (toe). Questionable: CB Dejuan Groce (knee); WR Torry Holt (back). Probable: LB Trev Faulk (hamstring); RB Joey Goodspeed (hamstring).

Atlanta at San Francisco

FALCONS: Out: LB Jamie Duncan (pectoral); CB DeAngelo Hall (hip); DE Karon Riley (groin). Questionable: LB Keith Brooking (hamstring).

49ERS: Out: DE Andrew Williams (shin - lower leg fracture). Doubtful: RB Fred Beasley (ankle); S Dwaine Carpenter (knee); TE Kevin Ware (quadriceps). Questionable: DE Brandon Whiting (back/shoulder). Probable: C Brock Gutierrez (knee); RB Jasen Isom (knee); C Jeremy Newberry (knee); S Tony Parrish (calf).

Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets

BENGALS: Out: T Stacy Andrews (ankle); DE Robert Geathers (ankle). Doubtful: RB Chris Perry (hamstring). Questionable: CB Deltha O'Neal (ankle); TE Matt Schobel (groin); LB Brian Simmons (knee); G Eric Steinbach (elbow). Probable: DT Matthias Askew (knee); C Rich Braham (knee); T Scott Kooistra (knee); CB Terrell Roberts (groin); WR Peter Warrick (knee).

JETS: Out: CB Ray Mickens (knee). Questionable: DT Josh Evans (back). Probable: CB Donnie Abraham (knee); WR Wayne Chrebet (quadriceps); S Jon McGraw (abdomen); DE Bryan Thomas (hamstring).

Dallas at Minnesota

COWBOYS: Out: WR Randal Williams (shoulder).

VIKINGS: Out: RB Michael Bennett (knee). Questionable: WR Marcus Robinson (hamstring); CB Brian Williams (knee).

Detroit at Chicago

LIONS: Out: LB Boss Bailey (knee); T Matt Joyce (elbow); TE John Owens (ankle). Probable: LB James Davis (ankle); DE Kalimba Edwards (groin); S Brock Marion (knee); DT Cory Redding (shoulder); T Victor Rogers (thumb); RB Paul Smith (shoulder).

BEARS: Out: CB Jerry Azumah (neck); LB Marcus Reese (hamstring); G Rex Tucker (elbow). Questionable: CB R.W. McQuarters (hamstring); RB Anthony Thomas (side); LB Brian Urlacher (hamstring). Probable: TE Desmond Clark (hamstring); P Brad Maynard (hamstring).

Jacksonville at Buffalo

JAGUARS: Out: TE Kyle Brady (finger). Questionable: RB Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (foot). Probable: QB Byron Leftwich (right hand); RB Fred Taylor (foot); TE George Wrighster (foot).

BILLS: Out: QB J.P. Losman (ankle); S Lawyer Milloy (forearm). Probable: RB Joe Burns (ankle); LB Angelo Crowell (hamstring); RB Travis Henry (rib); CB Terrence McGee (thigh).

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia

GIANTS: Questionable: CB Will Allen (knee); TE Jeremy Shockey (hamstring/foot); WR Jamaar Taylor (hamstring).

EAGLES: Out: DT Paul Grasmanis (Achilles). Probable: S Brian Dawkins (knee); LB Dhani Jones (ankle); G Jermane Mayberry (hamstring); WR Terrell Owens (abdomen); DT Sam Rayburn (ankle); LB Ike Reese (knee); DT Hollis Thomas (abdomen); LB Jeremiah Trotter (rib); CB Matt Ware (knee); LB Nate Wayne (hamstring).

Oakland at Pittsburgh

RAIDERS: Doubtful: DT Chris Cooper (calf); LB Sam Williams (shoulder). Questionable: LB DeLawrence Grant (knee); LB Napoleon Harris (knee).

STEELERS: Questionable: LB Kendrell Bell (shoulder). Probable: S Ainsley Battles (ankle); CB Deshea Townsend (groin).

San Diego at Houston

CHARGERS: Questionable: WR Tim Dwight (hamstring); LB Shaun Phillips (shoulder); LB Carlos Polk (shoulder); T Courtney VanBuren (knee); LB Matt Wilhelm (shoulder).

TEXANS: Probable: T Marcus Spears (back); RB Jonathan Wells (knee).

Seattle at New Orleans

SEAHAWKS: Out: LB Chad Brown (leg-fibula). Questionable: WR Alex Bannister (shoulder); DT Marcus Tubbs (hamstring); G Jerry Wunsch (ankle). Probable: G Chris Gray (back).

SAINTS: Questionable: CB Jason Craft (ankle); DE Darren Howard (neck).

Tampa Bay at Washington

BUCCANEERS: Report no injuries.

REDSKINS: Questionable: LB Mike Barrow (knee). Probable: TE Brian Kozlowski (calf); S Andre Lott (knee).

Tennessee at Miami

TITANS: Out: WR Tyrone Calico (knee); LB Brad Kassell (Achilles); K Joe Nedney (left hamstring). Questionable: LB Rocky Calmus (back); DE Carlos Hall (ankle); TE Erron Kinney (calf); DE Travis LaBoy (concussion); WR Jake Schifino (hamstring).

DOLPHINS: Out: DT Tim Bowens (back); RB Rob Konrad (thigh). Probable: RB Doug Easlick (hamstring); RB Leonard Henry (hip/quadriceps); LB Derrick Pope (ankle); DT Bryan Robinson (hand); DT Dario Romero (ankle); CB Patrick Surtain (groin); LB Zach Thomas (hip).

Kansas City at Denver

CHIEFS: Out: TE Kris Wilson (ankle). Doubtful: LB Kawika Mitchell (ankle). Questionable: WR Samie Parker (hamstring). Probable: WR Dante' Hall (shin); CB Dexter McCleon (shoulder); WR Johnnie Morton (Achilles); G Brian Waters (biceps).

BRONCOS: Questionable: DT Luther Elliss (shoulder); T Cornell Green (groin). PROBABLE: LB Patrick Chukwurah (back); LB Terry Pierce (knee).


Green Bay at Carolina

PACKERS: Doubtful: DT Kenny Peterson (ankle/knee). Questionable: LB Torrance Marshall (hamstring). Probable: TE Steve Bush (rib); WR Donald Driver (ankle); RB Ahman Green (knee); CB Michael Hawthorne (back); CB Jason Horton (hip).

PANTHERS: Questionable: G Tutan Reyes (ankle).

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