Sharing a personal trainer can save on gym costs


I want to hire a personal trainer, but I'm not sure I can afford to. Is there any way to get one at a discount? What do they usually charge per hour?

You don't have to be in the top tax bracket to hire a personal trainer these days. Visit any gym and you'll find trainers working with clients ranging from students to businessmen. While you ordinarily can expect to pay roughly $50 per session, there are a few things you can do to defray the cost of a trainer.

First, ask around to see if you can find a part-time trainer -- they are sometimes willing to negotiate lower fees. Be careful, though, to choose someone who is nationally certified (the American Council on Exercise certification is a good one). Some programs certify trainers after one weekend, or even over the Internet.

Secondly, consider sharing a trainer -- and his or her price tag -- with a workout buddy. Finally, make room for exercise in your budget. If you need a trainer to help motivate you, it is worth rearranging your spending habits.

I slipped on my diet one day when I was stressed. I pigged out. How do I avoid this happening again?

Rather than structuring your diet as something you are "on" or "off," consider adopting an overall eating strategy that is nutritious and satisfying.

If you feel deprived, you are more likely to binge when faced with stress, anger, sadness or frustration.

The good news? A slip-up is just a hurdle, not a wall. What is most important is your reaction. Take a walk, clear your head and identify what triggered your eating spree. This awareness is the best way to prevent future binges.

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