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Baltimore police officer arrested, charged with cocaine possession


As police arrested a prostitute in East Baltimore, they found two things in her possession: a glass pipe for smoking crack cocaine and a police officer's short-sleeved uniform shirt.

That combination of items proved unfortunate for Officer Michael Alderman, who court documents say is the shirt's owner.

The prostitute -- who was arrested Thursday morning -- told police she had spent the morning smoking crack cocaine with Alderman, court documents state. In fact, she said, she was on her way to meet him again.

She described him as a white man with a scruffy beard, wearing a baseball cap and driving a new, light blue Volkswagen.

So the officers went to the intersection where she was to meet Alderman and watched him drive by in a Volkswagen, the documents state.

"It was obvious that Alderman was looking for [the woman]," the officers wrote in their report.

The undercover officers, who were in an unmarked car, called for patrol officers and had Alderman stopped several blocks away, the report states.

"He was extremely hyper," the report states, "moving quickly indicating that he was possibly under the influence of cocaine."

The officers drove Alderman to the Southeastern District precinct, where they questioned him. They obtained a search warrant for his car and found "a glass nonconventional smoking pipe with white residue (suspected cocaine)." They also confiscated $112 cash, shoes and a backpack.

Inside the backpack was another pipe with more suspected cocaine, the report states.

Alderman -- a 29-year-old organized crime division officer -- was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors: possession of cocaine and possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia. Attempts to reach Alderman by The Sun were unsuccessful.

The eight-year veteran has been suspended with pay for the past year for undisclosed reasons, police officials said. He remains suspended without pay, pending a hearing to determine whether that pay will continue, said police spokesman Agent Donny Moses. Alderman remained at Central Booking and Intake Facility yesterday, awaiting bail to be set.

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