Real-time news sources on latest financial trends


To get a briefing on what's moving the market -- while the market is still moving -- surf on over to

There you'll find free access to several real-time news sources in the Silver Index.

You might start with the Page 1 briefing, which offers a daily summary of stock and financial trends before the market opens.

As the day continues, check on Stock Market Update, which takes a look at Wall Street trends every half hour. Bond Market Update does the same for investors in the credit markets.

Story Stocks takes a more in-depth look at companies making news. Sector View gives perspectives on industry segments, including telecom, utilities, consumer staples and health care. updates are found on some market-oriented Web sites, including Yahoo Finance. Serious market players can pony up for even more data as Gold or Platinum members at But the smorgasbord of market information available free to Silver members is worth a look.

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