O's Flanagan, Beattie botched pitching staff

Way to go, Mike Flanagan and Jim Beattie! As successful ex-major league hurlers, you shouldn't have to be reminded that pitching is 90 percent of the game.


So what was your solution to six straight years of fourth-place finishes? Purchase three high-priced hitters and assemble a pitching staff that possesses not even one reliable starter. What a disastrous formula for putting together a team that you expected to compete immediately in the toughest division in baseball, the American League East.

It's now official -- the old Oriole Way is history, having been replaced by the new Oriole Way. The new Oriole Way draws upon a very simple formula: pathetic lack of clutch hitting, inability to move runners, blunders on the base paths and a pitching staff that is the equivalent of a Triple-A team.


Let's not also forget the gentlemen in the front office who may sound more intelligent than Syd Thrift, but whose results compare favorably with the previous inept regime.

Fifth place seems a distinct possibility for this year's cast of losers.

Morton Marcus Baltimore

Blame for O's woes rests with Angelos

I read with great interest Joe Christensen's article "Angelos not pleased with Orioles" in the July 1 issue of The Sun.

Won't Angelos ever learn that good pitching always beats good hitting? As one of my baseball preseason magazines so astutely stated in assessing the 2004 Orioles: "But who will pitch?"

Surely Angelos should have known that the Orioles were gambling heavily that their young pitchers would come through.

He also must have been afflicted with short memory syndrome, as I am sure that he had quite a bit of input into the decision to let Mike Mussina go to free agency after the 2000 season.


Mussina could have anchored a young staff a lot better than Sidney Ponson, who will never be more than a No. 3 pitcher of any team.

The buck ultimately stops with Mr. Angelos, not manager Lee Mazzilli, former pitching coach Mark Wiley or vice presidents Mike Flanagan and Jim Beattie.

The Orioles have the makings of a very good team. Angelos just needs to spend the money to add two proven starters to complement the young arms.

I realize it's not as easy as it sounds, but the New York Yankees' George Steinbrenner always manages to do it.

George Grauer Berlin

Zolet will be missed in Baltimore City


The high school athletic community of Baltimore lost a real champion with the recent death of Hy Zolet.

Hy was a longtime teacher, coach and athletic administrator in the Baltimore City public school system. He was the former athletic director at Forest Park High and Patterson High.

He also was very active in the now-defunct Maryland Scholastic Association. He was the swimming chairman and served on many other committees of both the MSA and the Baltimore City public schools. He did an outstanding job as the secretary of the MSA for many years.

Hy also was a track and field and swimming official of the Maryland Officials Club, doing high school and college meets and serving as the vice president.

For all of his efforts, upon retiring, Hy was inducted into the Maryland State Athletic Directors Association Hall of Fame. It was a well-deserved honor.

Hy's family and all of us who knew him will sorely miss him. To have been associated with or to have been touched by Hy Zolet was, indeed, a blessing and a privilege.


Ed Novak Baltimore