Kerry, Edwards show new image


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and his running mate, Sen. John Edwards, seized every chance yesterday to show the country a chummy, passionate and positive ticket, and to use their new pairing to inject vigor into a campaign locked in a tight contest with President Bush. [Page 1a]

Bush stumps in North Carolina


President Bush swept into North Carolina yesterday, Sen. John Edwards' home turf, tersely dismissing the freshman senator's fitness to be president, rebuking him for blocking Bush's conservative judicial nominees and banking $2.35 million at a campaign fund-raiser, all in a few hours. [Page 1a]

Test predicts cancer danger

Although it may not be a perfect tool for detecting prostate cancer, the PSA blood test, frequently used on men over age 50, may be very good at predicting dangerous tumors. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine says that sudden, large increases in blood levels of the PSA enzyme in those diagnosed with prostate cancer indicate a potentially deadly tumor. [Page 3a]


Russian crime boss to be freed

A Russian crime boss is scheduled to be freed July 14 after spending nearly a decade in a Pennsylvania prison - posing a test to see how far Russia has come since the early 1990s when organized crime controlled much of the country's economy. Vyacheslav K. Ivankov is expected to return to Moscow. [Page 1a]

Pullout said to leave terror haven

U.S. and Iraqi officials say that a decision in April to pull back U.S. forces from Fallujah inadvertently created a haven for terrorists and insurgents. But officials are reluctant to send U.S. forces back to the city for fear of touching off another uprising. [Page 10a]



Suspect in officer's killing dies

The man believed by police to be responsible for killing Officer Brian D. Winder shot himself in a Northwest Baltimore motel early yesterday morning, moments before police found him. Charles Bennett was pronounced dead at the hospital. Ballistics tests showed the gun used by Bennett to kill himself was the same one used in the shooting Saturday. Hundreds turned out yesterday to pay their respects to the officer at a viewing. [Page 1a, 6a]

Thunderstorms deluge region

Powerful thunderstorms yesterday dropped more than four inches of rain in some areas of the Baltimore area. Flash floods prompted rescues along the Jones Falls and other tributaries. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power. [Page 1b]

Md. gay marriage ban challenged


Nine same-sex couples filed a lawsuit yesterday in Baltimore Circuit Court to overturn a law prohibiting gay marriage, saying it violates the state constitution. [Page 1a]

Ehrlich intensifies call for slots

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. yesterday intensified his call for the Maryland General Assembly to follow Pennsylvania's lead by passing a slots plan, but legislative leaders countered that the governor's lack of work on the issue belied the impassioned rhetoric he delivers in public. [Page 1b]


Brando cremated in small service

Reclusive actor Marlon Brando, who died July 1 of lung failure at age 80, was cremated after a private memorial service, his lawyer, David Seeley, said yesterday. He added that Brando, who won two Academy Awards for best actor, left a will and was not in debt at the time of his death. [Page 5c]



Ex-Enron chief Lay indicted

The federal government's 2-year investigation into the collapse of Enron Corp. reached the top of the shattered energy company's boardroom yesterday, as former chairman and CEO Kenneth L. Lay was indicted on criminal charges related to the company's spectacular and unprecedented implosion. [Page 1a]

Greetings & Readings' 2nd store

Greetings & Readings, one of the largest independent bookstores in Maryland and a Towson mainstay for 35 years, will open a second location in Hunt Valley next spring. [Page 1d]



Rays pound Orioles, 13-3

A four-game series that had begun promisingly for the Orioles, who swept Monday's doubleheader against the Devils Rays, ended up in a disappointing split, as they scored just four runs in the final two games and dropped the finale, 13-3. Starting pitcher Mark Parrish, who hadn't started a game in three years, was gone by the third inning. [Page 1e]

Armstrong takes overall lead

Lance Armstrong took the overall lead for the first time at this year's Tour de France. Armstrong, who is bidding for his sixth straight Tour title, has a 36-second lead over fellow American and former teammate Tyler Hamilton. Jan Ullrich, a five-time Tour runner-up, finished fourth and is 55 seconds off Armstrong's overall time. [Page 1e]

Rahman to face Llewelyn

Baltimore native Hasim Rahman will go after his fourth straight boxing win in the past five months against left-hander Wayne Llewelyn of England on July 28 in Rochester, N.Y. Rahman is 38-5-1 with 31 knockouts and Llewelyn, a 6-foot-3, 275-pounder, is 27-5 with 20 knockouts. [Page 1e]




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"I was about 12 feet from the door [when the roof started to fall]. My first thought was that we got hit by lightning."

Bob Clausen, Catonsville mechanic who escaped injury when his garage roof collapsed (Article, Page 1B)









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For the record

In yesterday's edition, Orioles pitcher John Parrish was misidentified in the Sun News Digest on Page 2A. The Sun regrets the error.