Carroll Digest

County seeks to add staff to unit fighting domestic violence

Carroll County will ask for $89,070 from the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention to add a sheriff's deputy and a secretary to the domestic violence unit in the Sheriff's Office. The positions would allow the unit to provide 24-hour coverage. The county's match would be $126,645, which it already pays in salary and benefits to a deputy and secretary.


The funding would increase the domestic violence staff to three deputies and two secretaries. Last year, the unit served more than 1,400 judicial orders throughout the county.

"The work volume supports three deputies," said Steven D. Powell, the Carroll commissioners' chief of staff. He said deputies are required to serve violators with orders day and night.


The county state's attorney's office will ask the state to continue funding, begun in 1997, the job of a prosecutor dedicated to domestic violence cases. The request is for $75,428.

Consultant to be used to handle bad-check cases

The state's attorney will hire a consultant to implement a bad-check restitution program that could recoup about $2,400 next year for the county.

American Corrective Counseling Service Inc. will work with offenders, seeking full payment to the recipient of bad checks and a $150 recovery fee, a percentage of which will be remitted to the county. Officials estimate the company will resolve about 90 percent of the 400 annual bad-check cases handled through the state's attorney's office.

"By using an outside contractor, we can free up staff and collect more than we currently do," said Ted Zaleski, county director of management and budget.

Contractor hired to build Westminster roundabout

Concrete General, a Gaithersburg contractor, will build the roundabout at Center Street and Gorsuch Road in Westminster for $675,125, the lowest of three bids for the job.

The contract for the work, which the commissioners awarded yesterday, is estimated to take 90 working days. Before construction begins, the county will post alternate routes to minimize traffic disruption.


Commissioners to appoint environmental advisers

The county commissioners voted yesterday to appoint a nine-member Environmental Advisory Council. The panel, which will be a cross section of the community, will provide guidance on environmental issues and serve as the county tree commission.

Steven C. Horn, county director of planning, and James Slater, deputy director of the county's environmental resource protection programs, will attend council sessions.