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Those pesky city limits

Circuit Court clerk Frank M. Conaway, who is also a mayoral candidate, has filed a lawsuit in which he called for 17 high-ranking city officials to be removed from their jobs, alleging that they do not live or vote in Baltimore as required by the city charter.

Though much of Conaway's information has proved incorrect, maybe there's a reason for confusion. Some city officials themselves appear to be confused.

For example, on the most recent disclosure form Police Commissioner Kevin P. Clark filed with the city's ethics office, he wrote that, as of June 30, 2003, he did not have a financial interest in any real property in the city.

But state assessment and taxation records show the commissioner bought his North Baltimore condominium May 28, 2003, more than a month before June 30.

-- Ryan Davis

A sneer campaign?

Coming to a corner near you: Frank M. Conaway's first set of campaign signs. The mayoral candidate recently ordered 3,000 placards for the November general election.

Half of the signs play on O'Malley's Believe posters. Conaway's signs read: "I BELIEVE we've been DECEIVED."

The other half of his signs play on O'Malley's guitar playing. They read: "Nero fiddled while Rome burned. O'Malley strummed while homicides churn."

-- Doug Donovan

Warming up the crowd

At a fund-raiser at M&T; Bank Stadium last week, Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry joked that his supporters would reap a reward -- beyond that of getting a Democrat back in the White House -- if he defeated President Bush in November.

At one point in his speech, Kerry addressed the crowd by saying, "So, future federal judges of America ... "

-- Laura Vozzella

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