Fruity, tasty, pretty

America's favorite pop star Jessica Simpson was onto something when she created Dessert Beauty, a line of edible, sweet-tasting body mousses, "kissable" fragrances and tasty body shimmers and shakes. (Dessert is available at

There's a wealth of sweet smelling lotions, potions, creams and sprays and gels out there right now. And the plethora of sweet lip-glosses in particular is just astounding. Here's the lowdown on a few:


What: Philosophy Kiss Me Tube

Flavors: Pink peppermint and red citrus


Where: $10 at Nordstrom and www.

Why: With ingredients that include kiwi, vitamin E and sweet almond, Kiss Me is a natural lip balm with a slight tint that leaves lips feeling soft and smooth.

What: Shu Uemura Sweet Lip Gloss

Flavors: Eight including cherry, rosemary and pear.

Where: $16 at www.

Why: Created from three different oils -- one for shine, one for a light velvety touch, one that melts the gloss onto your lips -- Shu Uemura's lip glosses are shiny, but not sticky.

What: Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss

Flavors: Eight including watermelon, blueberry and guava


Where: $6 at Wal-Mart, Target and CVS

Why: It shimmers, it shines and it won't break the bank. Maybelline Fruity Jelly smells more than it tastes, but it's a great value for a hot summer look.

How to wear a darling little skirt

Those tiered, ruffled skirts and knee-length circle print skirts in the stores right now are certainly flirty and fun. But how does one prevent looking like Joanie from Happy Days? It's all about proportion. Really. Here are three tips that will make your summer skirt sing:

Tip 1: Leave flats in the closet and try a pair of strappy sandals with heels to lengthen your legs and make you look like a grown-up, not a kid.

Tip 2: Bag the twin set. A fitted T-shirt or tank top that hits at the waist or just above makes the skirts modern, not retro.


Tip 3: Think slim, not blousey. Whatever you do, don't layer up with too many baggy items on top. You'll end up looking prairie, not cool.

Don't tie it -- Shloop it

Merrell slip-on jungle mocs and Velcro straps have really put a number on learning to tie one's shoes. It's now possible that a kid could hit adulthood without having to learn how to take two lace ends, make a set of bunny ears and knot them together.

Shloops are nifty little tubes that you slip onto shoelaces, then you tie the laces together, and they stay linked and unknotted all day. Now that's cool.They're even good for athletic grown-ups who don't have the time to stop and retie their own sneakers.

Shloops cost $3 per set, come in seven colors, and are available at