Frugal Living tips cover saving on gas, vacations, getting free food

Would you like to squeeze a buck until George Washington hollers for mercy?

If so, surf on over to's Frugal Living site -


Pat Veretto, the site's host, has gathered reams of information on how you can become a legendary tightwad for fun and profit.

Recent advice includes tips on saving gasoline, getting free food, planning an inexpensive vacation and saving for college.


Take, for example, a list of 20 tips for restaurant dining in frugal style, which includes suggestions for splitting large entrees, aggressively seeking discounts and looking for inexpensive ethnic restaurants.

Frugal Living frequently features a message board where users can ask questions and exchange their favorite tips. An e-mail newsletter makes it easy to keep up with timely tightwad topics.

And, oh yeah, the site is free.

- John M. Moran The Hartford Courant