'Dodgeball' is a winner

Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn's Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story debuted as the weekend's top movie with $30 million, whipping Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's The Terminal, which was No. 2 with $18.7 million, according to studio estimates yesterday.

The weekend's other new wide release, Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan's Around the World in 80 Days, came in at No. 9 with just $6.8 million for the weekend and $9.6 million since opening Wednesday.


The Terminal had the weakest opening among Spielberg's recent releases - Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Saving Private Ryan. Those films all opened in the $30-$35 million range.

Dodgeball drew a young male audience, while The Terminal played mostly to older crowds less likely to rush out on opening weekend.


Estimated ticket sales (in millions) for Friday through yesterday at North American theaters, according to Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc. Final figures will be released today.

1. Dodgeball $30

2. The Terminal $18.7

3. Harry Potter $17.4

4. Shrek 2 $13.6

5. Garfield $11

6. The Stepford Wives $9.2

7. Chronicles of Riddick $8.3


8. Day After Tomorrow $7.55

9. Around the World in 80 Days $6.8

10. Troy $1.7