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Jones' ex-husband might testify against her


LOS ANGELES - Marion Jones' ex-husband, C.J. Hunter, has been in contact with U.S. anti-doping authorities and will probably cooperate with their investigation into whether Jones has used steroids, his attorney said yesterday.

Hunter, a shot-putter who retired after testing positive for steroids in 2000, also has been assisting federal prosecutors in a separate case in San Francisco.

Attorney Angela DeMent would not describe what Hunter has told federal officials.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, in pursuing its parallel investigation, has been keenly interested in hearing what he might know about the circumstantial evidence it has pointing to Jones.

That includes a canceled check and a calendar that allegedly lays out a doping schedule for the five-time Olympic medalist.

Jones has repeatedly denied using steroids. She has threatened to sue if USADA attempts to ban her from the Olympics.

Asked if Hunter plans to assist USADA, DeMent said: "Chances are much more likely that we will than we won't."

The ever-widening scandal has pushed USADA to ensure that the U.S. sends a clean team to the Olympic Games in Athens this summer. The agency has already persuaded one top sprinter to accept a two-year ban (Kelli White) and has notified four others - including Jones' current partner, Tim Montgomery - of potential doping violations.

The matter stems from the criminal case involving the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, or BALCO, where four men stand charged with distributing steroids to pro baseball and football players and Olympic athletes.

Jones testified before a grand jury in that case last fall. She has said she had only a passing connection to the company.

Yesterday, her lawyer announced that she has asked prosecutors to release her sealed grand jury transcripts to USADA in another attempt to clear her name.

"The sworn testimony will confirm what Marion has said publicly time after time ... she has never, ever used performance-enhancing drugs," attorney Joseph Burton said in a statement.

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