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Maryland approves $70 million bypass around Hampstead


Construction of the $70 million Hampstead bypass, a 4 1/2 - mile road that has been nearly 40 years in the planning, will begin in the fall of next year, state transportation officials said yesterday.

"We are going to fund it," Maryland Transportation Secretary Robert L. Flanagan said to a round of applause and cheers in a meeting with the county delegation and town officials. "This is a great day for Hampstead. The bypass is on its way."

Traffic on Route 30, a state highway that becomes Main Street in Hampstead, made Flanagan a bit late for the meeting. Nearly 20,000 vehicles a day, many of them 18-wheelers or commuters from southern Pennsylvania, travel through the town on the highway.

Sen. Larry E. Haines, leader of Carroll's all-Republican legislative delegation, said the project has moved along at a snail's pace for 40 years. "This will be the first major road groundbreaking since [Gov. Theodore] McKeldin cut the ribbon for Route 140 on July 1, 1954," he said. "'Funded' - I haven't heard that word in a long time."

State, county and town officials have all agreed the bypass would relieve traffic in the northern Carroll County town. But funding did not become available until now.

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