Survey Says


Last week's question

Who is your favorite Friend?

20.2 percent I like them all (240 votes)

16.5 percent Joey (196 votes)

15.5 percent Rachel (184 votes)

15.4 percent I don't like any (183 votes)

14 percent Chandler (166 votes)

9.9 percent Phoebe (117 votes)

4.8 percent Monica (57 votes)

3.6 percent Ross (43 votes)

1,186 total votes

This week's question

Do you plan to attend the

Maryland Film Festival?

Of course, it's a blast!

Every day

I might catch a movie or two

No, I'm not interested

No, it's too expensive

I'd rather go to D.C., Philly or N.Y.

Not sure, yet

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