'Office' second season


As hard as it may be to imagine, the second and allegedly last season of The Office is better than the first, and it's being released as The Complete Second Series. This is not only one of the best British sitcoms ever, it is one of the best sitcoms ever.

If you have yet to experience this alternately hilarious and excruciating show about the white-collar employees of a paper company and their pathetic, needy, utterly untrustworthy boss, you will almost certainly want to go ahead and buy Complete First and Second Series.

At the center of The Office is the boss, David Brent, brilliantly played by Ricky Gervais. New employees (one is handicapped and another is black, and you are cringing even before David makes his attempt to ingratiate himself) are a lot less tolerant of his management style. Meanwhile, Neil (Patrick Baladi), now David's superior, is looking for a reason to make him redundant, as they so politely put it.

The Complete Second Series doesn't include as many extras as its predecessor; the deleted scenes were obviously cut for time, not content. What we don't get are the final two episodes, shown in England as Christmas specials, which are said to wrap things up wonderfully.

Production has already begun on an American version, and for which I can offer one word: Coupling.

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