Columbia Association president due a raise of 3.5%


Columbia Association President Maggie J. Brown will receive a 3.5 percent raise when her new three-year contract begins May 1 - increasing her annual salary to $152,623.

The association's management appraisal committee - which consists of the 10 board members - determined the increase was appropriate, based on a compensation study of all Columbia Association employees, said Wolfger Schneider, who chairs the committee.

Announced April 22

The increase was announced April 22.

"I'm looking forward to these three years, and I'm sure we will accomplish much during them," Brown said.

The board renewed Brown's contract last year, a move that some residents decried because they felt she should not accept a $10,000 bonus during a difficult economic period and while the association has a multimillion-dollar debt.

Brown's 3.5 percent raise was the average among increases given to association staff members, Schneider said.

"It's more tradition than anything else," Schneider said of the raise.

Brown was hired in February 2001 at a salary of $125,000 to run the homeowners association, which provides recreational amenities for Columbia's 96,000 residents and manages 3,400 acres of open space on an annual budget of about $50 million.

Schneider said the committee was especially pleased with Brown's work with Columbia's 10 villages and the community.

The villages are managed separately, and the association gives grants each year to the villages to fund their daily operations and manage the 24 community buildings owned by the association. Brown worked with the villages to develop management contracts with the association that satisfied all parties, Schneider said.

Praise for Brown

"She basically defused what used to be a somewhat contentious process," Schneider said.

Kings Contrivance representative Phil Marcus dissented from to the committee's decision, explaining that he did not agree with the process in which the board decided to give Brown a 3.5 percent raise in addition to the $10,000 bonus that is included in her contract.

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