Curve Appeal


Americans like curves. We're talking Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit-style curves, the kind that Queen Latifah has but Halle Berry does not. That's according to a recent survey that showed that five out of 10 men think curvaceous women are sexy and two out of five men are actually more attracted to curvaceous women. The survey of 1,000 adults done by lingerie-makers Curvation, also found that 73 percent of American women want the term "plus-sized" replaced with the term "curvaceous."

The more than 60 million curvaceous women in the U.S. know that making the most of nature's curves takes the right kind of lingerie. And now there are choices beyond the boring white foundation garments that your grandmother wore.

Curvation's new line of lingerie emphasizes beauty and function. The bras -- ranging in size from 34C to 44DD -- give flexibility, support and smooth finish under clothes. And details like black lace, sheer keyhole backs and lattice centers give just enough sexiness. Curvation bras (pictured, left) cost about $15 and are available at Wal-Mart and Kmart.

And if you're looking for truly sexy curves, Avenue's lingerie line is for you. The store, which specializes in clothing for women who are size 14 and up, emphasizes the latest trends in clothing and lingerie.

Its newest addition is the cheeky panty (pictured above), a hot little number that hugs curves but is more comfortable than the dreaded thong. Cheeky panties cost $15 and are available in lace and cotton at Avenue stores including those at Mondawin Mall, Eastpoint Mall and Towson Place. Info:

Indulge in a rosy soak

We like a gentle, luxurious bath -- think softer than Mr. Bubble, not as bland as milk -- something flowery and feminine. Roses, yes, that's it, we want to bathe in roses. Okay, so maybe roses would be a little prickly. The next best thing to a bath of real roses would probably be a bath of Paris d'Yves Saint Laurent. The feminine scent is a blend of rose, violet, orange blossom and sandalwood. The soft pink and black bottles of body lotion ($42), bath and shower gel ($38) and body creme ($60) couldn't look any sweeter either. Available at

Don't forget to tape the prom

We now interrupt prom season with this special announcement:

Duck brand duct tape is once again offering $5,000 in college scholarships to the prom couple who designs the most stylish formalwear using their sticky but oh so practical product. Use maroon, purple, silver, black or any of the company's many colors of tape -- it doesn't matter. Just make sure the majority of his tux and her dress are crafted out of Duck duct tape.

Last year, 339 couples competed in the contest, The winners, Margaret Roberts and Tyler Mickley of West Point, Va. (below), made their stylish sunburst outfits in just 50 hours. Considering the Stuck at Prom contest ends June 11, you'd better get taping.

For contest rules or to view entries from years past, go to

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