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Las Vegas names Roy 'Citizen of the Month'

Illusionist Roy Horn, recovering from a near-fatal tiger mauling, missed the excitement as the Las Vegas City Council honored him yesterday as "Citizen of the Month."

There was a proclamation from the mayor and an interview with "Siegfried & Roy" show manager Bernie Yuman, but there was no Siegfried.

Siegfried Fischbacher was on his way to Los Angeles. The animal act was shut down after a white tiger attacked Horn during an Oct. 3 performance.

Half-solved mystery

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who wrote the achingly sublime children's classic The Little Prince, died under mysterious circumstances during World War II while flying a secret reconnaissance mission for the Allies over the Mediterranean on July 31, 1944.

Now the French government has confirmed that airplane parts recovered from the sea near the southern France city of Marseille in October 2003 belonged to the writer's Lockheed P-38 Lightning airplane.

But officials still do not know why the plane crashed - no bullet holes were found. Patrick Granjean, of the Culture Ministry, told Agence France-Presse: "We don't know why. ... We probably never will."

At Tribeca

Martin Scorsese, Sharon Stone and Peter Jennings are among the celebrities scheduled to take part in panels during next month's Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Scorsese will talk about the use of music in his movies, from the concert film The Last Waltz to his historical epic Gangs of New York.

Stone will discuss the evolution of sex in the cinema along with John Cameron Mitchell, the director, co-writer and star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. And Jennings, the ABC News anchor, will moderate a discussion on "Jesus as Celebrity," following the blockbuster success of The Passion of the Christ.

The festival will run May 1-9.

Clear conscience

A television director's guilt trip about greyhound racing has turned into a $92,000 windfall for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Sam Simon said he decided to donate his fee for directing an episode of The Drew Carey Show because it featured greyhound racing and he considers the sport barbaric.

"That's how I chose to handle this crisis of conscience," he said.

PETA, which plans to use some of the money to publicize its objections to the dog-racing industry, was only too happy to take advantage of Simon's guilt trip.

"He's a big guy with a big heart," said Ingrid Newkirk, PETA's president.

Star for Turner

Yesterday, Ted Turner got the 2,251st star from organizers of the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame for what they called his "visionary" approach to television. His involvement began 34 years ago with his purchase of a UHF station, WJRJ Channel 17 in Atlanta.

"This is a hoot for me," Turner said, mentioning his cameo roles in two Civil War movies made by his Turner Pictures. "I didn't get here for my acting ... but I love show business."

The media mogul's new star is next to that of his former brother-in-law, Peter Fonda. Ex-wife Jane Fonda doesn't have a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Today's birthdays

Former first lady Betty Ford is 86.

Comedian Shecky Greene is 78.

Lyricist Fred Ebb is 68.

Singer Peggy Lennon (The Lennon Sisters) is 63.

Actor John Schneider is 44.

Singer Julian Lennon is 41.

Rapper Biz Markie is 40.

Actress Robin Wright Penn is 38.

Actress Patricia Arquette is 36.

Actor Taran Noah Smith is 20.

Actress Kirsten Storms is 20.

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