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Deaths Elsewhere


Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan, 76, one of India's leading sitar players, died Saturday in Calcutta.

Mr. Khan was born into a family of musicians who trace their lineage six or seven generations back to the Moghul courts and ultimately to Miyan Tansen, the court musician of the Emperor Akbar in the late 16th century.

Mr. Khan was credited with creating his own style of playing sitar, a traditional Indian string instrument popularized worldwide by Ravi Shankar. He turned down national awards in 1964 and 1968, saying that members of the award committees were not competent to judge his music.

William Bellano, 91, former president of Occidental Petroleum Corp., died March 8, his family said.

Mr. Bellano, a son of Italian immigrants who was orphaned at age 6, worked in Peru's high mountain mines before joining the Marines after the attack on Pearl Harbor, where he volunteered to work in bomb demolitions. He became an expert in the field, receiving a Silver Star in 1944 for gallantry in the Marshall Islands.

Mr. Bellano returned to the mining industry after the war and advanced through the corporate world as a miner, engineer and supervisor.

Dr. Ewald W. Busse, 86, an early leader in the field of geriatric psychiatry, died March 7, his daughter said. Dr. Busse was chairman of the psychiatry department at the Duke Medical School in 1954 when he started a long-term program to study how people aged in familiar surroundings. His findings increased understanding of the physical, mental, social and economic aspects of aging.

John Harrison Goldie, 77, a former Boeing Co. executive vice president and chief engineer on one of the nation's early space programs, died Thursday in Palm Desert, Calif.

Keith Hopkins, 69, a British historian who brought an innovative sociological approach to the study of ancient Rome, died March 8, his college said. Books such as Conquerors and Slaves" and Death and Renewal used sociological techniques, including the study of patterns of behavior and demographic and economic models.

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