Letter to the Editor


Runaway growth a burden to residents

It is disappointing, but not surprising, to learn of the new proposed "fire tax" to cover the cost of fire and emergency medical services for Carroll County. This is one more example of the cost of residential development being born by the existing homeowners, instead of the developers causing runaway growth.

As reported in The Sun, a public hearing was held Sept. 22 in Union Bridge regarding the proposed annexation of a 126-acre parcel for a residential development, with another planned development that could triple the inhabitants of our 1,100 population town.

I expressed concerns about potential higher taxes to pay for traffic control, water and sewer, schools and fire protection.

A schoolteacher from the town elementary school spoke of already crowded conditions for schoolchildren.

The chief of the Union Bridge Volunteer Fire Company testified that fire protection for the new development could be covered, but due to a lack of funds, emergency medical services would not be available for the proposed residential development.

Despite the testimony of Union Bridge homeowners at this public hearing clearly speaking against the town annexing this property and assuming the liability for the cost of development infrastructure, the annexation proposal was passed by the Town Council with the assurance that we Union Bridge homeowners would not incur increases in our real estate taxes associated with this development.

Thomas A. Krug

Union Bridge

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