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The sexy (sort of) chino


Chinos are practical and comfortable, but no one has ever made the mistake of calling them sexy. They're too Potsie and not enough Fonzie to be sexy; too cotton, too practical.

Express' new take on the chino, the Cetine Chino, aims to be sexy. With its low, low rise, relaxed fit at the hip and thigh and medium-flare leg, the pants look modern and chic, but sexy? Well, maybe in a girl-next-door kind of way.

Express' Cetine chino comes in five colors, costs $50 and is available at Express stores in Towson, Annapolis, Columbia and beyond.

What Lauren Hutton uses

A dozen or so years ago, Lauren Hutton developed a line of make-up that she says helped her start modeling again at the age of 46. Considering that the appealing, gap-toothed Hutton is now in her 60s and looks great, we figured we'd tell you about Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff.

Created for women in their 40s and older, the line features lightweight, sheer, shimmer-free formulas that enhance features without masking them. Hutton says women in their 40s need to apply make-up differently, too, and is meticulous in her directions on how her products should be worn.

One of Good Stuff's newest products is a three-step skin treatment system called AquaPress that Hutton says pushes water back into the skin with a sponge and keeps the water there to reduce lines and wrinkles with the help of a moisturizing cream and face mist. Does the $40 set work? We don't know. But Lauren Hutton sure looks good.

The AquaPress set and other Lauren Hutton Good Stuff products are available exclusively at

Hand rejuvenation

Our hands were looking as though they belonged to a 95-year-old, so we smoothed on some of Pharmacopia's Citrus Hand Cream and liked what we saw. The citrus-scented cream left our dry, chapped hands feeling smooth and soft. The cream, which contains comfrey, vegetable glycerin and wheat germ oil, costs $15 for 3.5 ounces and is available by calling 800-793-LIFE.

Anti-wallflower color

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

And you won't look like a wallflower, either, when you wear cosmetics from Revlon's "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" Collection. Inspired by the sequel to what may be the cheesiest movie of all time, the collection features sizzling shades evocative of 1950s glamour, like Pink Cha-cha and Sheerly Mambo.

The colors, created exclusively for the film, range from soft pink to striking reds. And if you're looking to look like Lana (Turner, that is), don't forget to match your lip and fingernail polish.

Revlon's "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" collection costs $5 to $7 and is available for a limited time at drug stores nationwide.

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