Q&A; with Bill Dirrigl

Bill Dirrigl is in his third season as head coach at Loyola. The Greyhounds finished 7-6 last year. Can you talk about some of your returning players?


Bill Dirrigl: We have to start with our captain senior attack Stephen Brundage. Defensively, we return everyone. At the midfield, we don't return a lot of goals there and that's probably the one unproven part of our game right now.

We'll be dealing with a new goalie on Saturday. We have four goalies on our roster. It's probably between Michael Fretwell (St. Mary's) and T.C. Behm. Dan Glazer and Trae Rodgers (Loyola) have also played in the preaseason. It's been an open competition.


Mac, Baltimore: In your opinion, what is the "hottest" new area in high school lacrosse - Northern Virgnia, Ohio or Colorado? Or is it some other region?

Bill Dirrigl: We have kids from North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut all over our last recruiting class. For us, whether that young man is at one of the better places in Baltimore or in Pennsylvania, it doesn't matter to me. I would have to say Virginia and Pennsylvania are two states that have started to play better lacrosse. I think it's starting to work its way into the communities and there are more youth programs in those areas. The more popular lacrosse gets, there are more kids leaving college that want to coach lacrosse. ... I think 10 years from now, it's going to explode. Retcoach: Why don't all the Maryland schools play each other in a spring or fall tournament?

Bill Dirrigl: I think that would be great. They used to do it as the Choice Visa Classic where Towson, Johns Hopkins and UMBC would play a round robin. For one reason or another, that kind of left the area. The tournament we do at McDonogh now for leukemia has become such a moneymaker for fund raising. We've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. That would be hard to break now.

Michael, Reisterstown: Would the NCAA coaching community support standardizing crosse head widths and limiting the degree of offset?

Bill Dirrigl: I definitely agree. I think it needs to come. The way the sticks are built now, there's really no opportunity to dislodge the ball. You also don't see the crisp passing and I don't know if the passing and shooting is as accurate as it once was. I think it hurts the game when you're not able to knock the ball to the ground.

Terence, Darlington: Do you recruit any public school players from Harford County? We have a few excellent players at North Harford High School that only lost one varsity game last year.

Bill Dirrigl: I think Maryland high school lacrosse is special. Harford has great lacrosse players - kids that want to learn and kids that are hungry to play the game.