Deaths Elsewhere


Sam Delich, 87, one of the last owners of one of Nevada's first gambling casinos and brother of former Rep. Helen Delich Bentley, the Baltimore County Republican, died Monday at a hospital in Reno.

Mr. Delich was born and raised in Ruth, Nev. After graduating with honors from high school, his sister said, he looked for work to help support their widowed mother. With mining and gambling the only available industries, and his father having died from miner's consumption, he took a job in a pool hall.

He and his brother-in-law took over the Palace Club in Reno in 1964, at the retirement of its owner. They sold the site in 1979 to Harrah's Club.

Mr. Delich's wife died in 1994, and his son, Sam Jr., a lawyer in the international maritime field, died last month in San Francisco.

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