Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five



On January 17, 2004 CAROLYN MURRAY. Encouraged and taught by her mother and classical pianist, Anna Schiffler, Carolyn began piano lessons at age five. She received a scholarship andattended Peabody Preparatory at age eight, working to support herself through many years at the Conservatory until she graduated with her teacher's certificate. During those years she was also a member of the Peabody Junior Choir. Carolyn went on to teach at Peabody Preparatory and become a long time member of the Phoenix Choir of Baltimore. She moved on to teach class piano in the Baltimore City School system and become the Director of The Fire Department Glee Club of Baltimore City. Accompanied on the piano by her best friend Esther Magladry, the group performed locally for many years. The glee club also united her with her first husband Raymond Keil. Two children, Kimberly Ann and Raymond Louis were born of the marriage that lasted thirteen years. Faced with the responsibility of being the sole support system of her children, as well as her mother and aunt who's health was now failing, Carolyn persevered making many personal sacrifices, never losing sight of her career in music. She worked as many as three jobs at once. I will never forget how she would return home at three in the morning only to spend the rest of the night playing cards with my grandmother or making snickerdoodle cookies for Aunt Marie. She was literally tireless providing for the needs of the four people in her charge. Carolyn worked several years as a teacher's aide in the music department at Kenwood Senior High School. When the system experienced budget cuts she transferred to the department of Special Education in order to remain at Kenwood with her family of co-workers that were so dear to her. Influenced by the classical masters, her favorites including Chopin, Mozart and Rachmaninoff, Carolyn's preference was the piano yet she went on to play the organ for Lutheran Churches Blenheim, Calvary, Martini and Nazareth for many years. In 1980, Carolyn met and married her second husband, her knight in shining armor James W. Murray. He willingly and lovingly joined her in the care of the family in her charge. Carolyn retired from the Baltimore County BOE in 1995 and went on to teach private piano until the week before she passed. Carolyn Murray passed away at Franklin Square Hospital due to complications of pneumonia and staphylococcus infection. This came as a tremendous shock to her family of loved ones, students and friends. Services were held at Martini Lutheran church and she was interred at Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery on January 20, 2004. Carolyn Murray is survived by her husband of 23 years James W. Murray, her sister Shirley Lenz, her daughter Kimberly Keil-Fox, her son Raymond Louis Keil and grandson Zachary Keil. Memorials are being accepted in her honor at Martini Lutheran Church, 100 West Henrietta Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. I will be designing a memorial website for my mother. If you are interested in receiving the link when it is completed, please contact me at my email:

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