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On February 6, 2004, DR. WILLIAM EDWARD SMITH Born in 1914 in Baltimore. He went to Gilman, graduated Princeton '34 and earned an MD from Johns Hopkins. He worked at Rockefeller Institute and at Sloan-Kettering. For 25 years he was Director of Health Research Institute at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He reported some of the early experimental evidence for carcinogenicity of asbestos. For lung cancers induced by asbestos in mice, he reported complete remissions and cures by a drug (PCNU) when combined with an analog (RO 10-9359) of vitamin A. In 1945 he married Elizabeth Hamilton. They had three children but divorced in 1962. In 1970 he married Marye Collins. Bill spent summers on Mount Desert Island, Maine and retired there in 1983. Marye predeceased him as did his sons Austin and Howard, and his brother C. Edgar Smith. He is survived by his daughter, Rosalie Strickland, and five grandchildren. A Service will be held in Maine in the summer.

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