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Removing check mark will stop that auto start Helpline


Since I opened the Microsoft Money Express personal finance software, it has been automatically running every time I reboot or switch on my computer. The program is not listed in the Startup folder with the other stuff that runs at boot-up without asking. So where does it come from, and how can I stop it?

The trick is to look in the system tray collection of tiny icons in the lower right-hand screen and find the one that looks like a blue circle with a big white M for Money stamped on it. Give this icon a single right-click, and you'll get a little pop-up box with several options, including the one to automatically load the software at boot-up. Remove the check mark from that option, and the uninvited intrusions will stop.

The latest versions of Money please some customers with this auto-start feature because it allows folks with online banking accounts and stock portfolios to get an instant readout of checking balances and stock values at the start of every session.

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