Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Survey Says


Last week's question

What do you think about the new Hippodrome Theatre?

48.5 percent I haven't been there (16 votes)

45.5 percent It's what Baltimore needs (15 votes)

3 percent It's better than the Mechanic (1 vote)

3 percent I prefer the Mechanic (1 vote)

0 percent It's breathtaking (0 votes)

0 percent It's just OK (0 votes)

33 total votes

This week's question

Do you plan to go to Florida for spring training?

Yes, I go every year

I'll stop by if I'm in Florida


No, I never go

No, I hate baseball

Vote at / live. Post your answer and see what others have to say, then look for the results (and a new question) in next week's LIVE! section.

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