Hovet is offered classroom position back


Former Oakland Mills football coach, athletic director and social studies teacher Ken Hovet, on administrative leave without pay since Jan. 12, has been offered his teaching job back starting this summer, a source said yesterday.

The offer, which didn't specify which school or whether Hovet could resume his coaching and athletic director duties, was made by Board of Education attorney Mark Blom to Hovet's attorney, James Whatham, the source said.

"I can't comment on that," Blom said. "It's a personnel matter."

Hovet, accused of changing a student's grade without authorization to make him eligible to play football, also declined to comment. Whatham could not be reached to comment last night.

The Oakland Mills football team forfeited seven victories and its first-round state playoff berth Nov. 13 because of the ineligible player.

"I haven't heard anything about it [the offer]," said school board chairwoman Courtney Watson.

The results of a probe released Jan. 12 found a total of 10 athletes and six cheerleaders were ineligible at Oakland Mills, including a second football player.

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