Cleaning up the Foreman grill isn't that big a chore, users say


Your Money readers agreed with most of what Matthew Kauffman had to say about the George Foreman Champ Grill last week, but they didn't agree that it is a chore to clean.

It's all a matter of when and with what, they say.

Phyllis of Baltimore e-mailed, "After food is removed and the grill is unplugged but still hot, I place a wet paper towel (not dripping) on the surface and close the grill. While we eat, the steam loosens the food and it is easy to wipe off with more paper towels or a dish cloth."

Mr. and Mrs. V. Burlini wrote, "Our 6-year-old grill looks like new and we have never had problems cleaning it. If anything, it is very easy to clean using that plastic tool and a damp sponge. ... We figure the Champ is good for at least 10 years."

Brint Cooper had similar cleaning advice and added that though the Champ might seem small, "my wife and I rarely need large vessels and appliances for dinner preparation. The Champ handles two tuna or salmon steaks quite nicely, cooks them in under five or six minutes and cleans up easily (when done correctly)."

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