Brothers guilty in death of man, 27, in Turners Station


Within two days of 27-year-old Tylan Baylor's murder, detectives had tracked their suspects - brothers Tavon and Jerry K. Owens - to a house in North Carolina.

The Dundalk pair quickly surrendered, but what seemed like an open-and-shut case in the Turners Station shooting became more complicated as the brothers changed their stories - each claiming that he pulled the trigger.

Prosecutors had planned to try both brothers this week. But on Tuesday, the day the murder trial was scheduled to begin, Jerry Owens, 25, surprised prosecutors by pleading guilty to first-degree murder.

Yesterday, a Baltimore County jury convicted Tavon Owens, 22, of second-degree murder, as well as handgun charges.

According to court papers and testimony, Tavon Owens believed Baylor owed him $950. So when the Owens brothers ran into Baylor on March 17 of last year, prosecutors said, they shot him.

Yesterday, Jerry Owens testified, saying he was the one who shot Baylor. But prosecutors said he was simply trying to protect his younger brother, who, according to testimony, had earlier told police that he was the shooter.

Regardless of who pulled the trigger, prosecutors said, both men should be held responsible for the crime.

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