For girls who just want to have fun together

Guys can be great. But sometimes there's no one more "simpatico" than a good girlfriend. And good girlfriends can be hard to come by. Even our favorite bunch of girlfriends is about to desert us when HBO's Sex and the City ends in a week and a half.

Walker Hayes to the rescue!


This 24-year-old Carroll County native returned to B'more a year ago, after a few years in the Big Apple, and found a dearth of girlfriends. All her old school friends were now living elsewhere.

"Unless you work in a place with lots of other women, it's really difficult to meet potential friends," Walker notes.


"Sure, there are interest groups," Walker continues, "like mountain biking or knitting. But there's no group where you can just get together and hang out."

So, she developed a Web site - - to give local women a chance to do just that. For $25 a year, they can use the site's posting board to meet other women and make plans. There are no age, ethnic, marital or professional limits. To make things ever more fun - every couple of weeks, Walker will set up some sort of get-together. Walker hopes that as women become involved with Gal Pals, they'll form their own groups based on their similarities and post their own activities - such as play groups for moms, or maybe a night out at the theater.

"The cool thing is that the members will help shape the Web site," she says.

To kick the whole thing off, Walker has planned an "Anti-Valentine's Day" bash in Hampden. The traveling party will start at 7 and will stop at four spots on the Avenue - with tastings at each place - ending up at Bar Hon for Gal Pals' first official "hang out." Girl power lives on.

'Chocolate Affair'

Chocolate sales around town could be a little slow this week, after that big-time binge last week at M&T; Bank Stadium. About 40 restaurants and caterers set up shop for the "13th Annual Chocolate Affair" - the Center for Poverty Solutions' shindig. Even the most addicted chocoholic would've hit his or her limit. Chocolate truffles, chocolate bread pudding, chocolate trifle, chocolate vermicelli, chocolate and pork fajitas, chocolate martinis, and countless other cocoa-based foods. It wouldn't have been a surprise if the couple of restaurants that offered a plain piece of meat or chicken ran out of food.

Waters takes Manhattan

John Waters' art and photographs weren't the only things on view at last weekend's big opening-night bash for his new show at New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art. Many of John's hometown set found the people-watching just as fascinating, with anything and everything on display. Of course, we would expect nothing less of John's appeal.


TV celeb Rhea Feikin said attire ranged from torn jeans to elegant fur coats and everything in between. Her favorite sight was a man who looked like Christopher Walken (but wasn't) done up entirely in sequins.

Center Stage head honcho Michael Ross noted that hair color covered the entire color spectrum, "both natural and unnatural."

"The color was definitely in the hair, not the clothing," commented caterer/restaurateur Sascha Wohlhandler. "The New Yorkers were out in full force: black, black and more black."

And then there's the image that perfectly summed up the whole eclectic mood of the night for Ross.

"We're all politely standing in line to check our coats. And right in front of us - that infamous chicken scene from Pink Flamingos is being played on screen."

What chicken scene? If you have to ask, you've obviously never seen John's 1972 cult classic. And you ain't gonna find it at Blockbuster.


The stars fade out

It looks as if another type of people-watching here in Charm City has come to an end. We're talking about sightings of the stars who were filming the HBO flick Something the Lord Made. The production wrapped up here a couple of weeks ago. While the crew was in town, Kali's Court was a favorite of British star Alan Rickman. He dined there almost weekly - the last time bringing co-stars Mary Stuart Masterson and Kyra Sedgwick with him.

Speaking of restaurants, if you're going low carb, you generally don't think of going Italian. Not so at one Little Italy eating place. Rocco's Capriccio has changed its menu to accommodate Atkins and South Beach fans. Now, you'll find some choices labeled with an "LC" - meaning the item has less than 5 grams of carbs - or an "NC" - a.k.a. no carbs. OK, so maybe a lot of the items are similar to many you might find on other Italian menus. But, isn't it nice to have it all spelled out for you? You'll find Rocco's Capriccio, 410-685-2710, at 846 Fawn St.

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