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Original 'CSI' star worries about spinoffs


When CBS announced in 2002 that it was opening a tropical franchise of the network's biggest hit, to be named CSI: Miami, the star and executive producer of the original CSI was understandably irate.

"I wanted them to wait another year and let that show be something else instead of a carbon copy of ours," says William Petersen. "My objection was to the timing."

Petersen, who plays Las Vegas crime scene investigation chief Gil Grissom, has seen what happens to a bandwagon when TV jumps on with both feet. "The reality thing is getting tired now. ... They're all the same show."

You can imagine how happy Petersen was when CBS recently announced it's developing another spinoff this fall: CSI: New York.

"Two years from now, there'll be another one in Philadelphia and one in Toledo," Petersen says sardonically. "If it works, they're going to use it until it doesn't work anymore. You can't tell them the golden egg is going to get broken. They say, 'Look, I have a limited amount of time here. Let's break all the eggs, make a big omelet.' "

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