Bringing in Fassel good move by Billick

The Ravens' hiring of Jim Fassel couldn't have come at a better time.

The Ravens' offensive coaching was in dire need of help, and coach Brian Billick knew he was as much (or more) at fault as his offensive coordinator, Matt Cavanaugh.

Bringing former New York Giants coach Fassel on board demonstrates an unselfish, bare-all approach to solving the Ravens' most pressing issue -- an uncoordinated, undisciplined and error-prone offense.

I think Billick wants an honest evaluation from Fassel, and I believe Fassel will give it to him straight away. A fresh and respected set of eyes is what Fassel is to the Ravens, and I don't think that Billick is being untruthful when he says he welcomes the opportunity for Fassel to improve the organization.

Two recent Super Bowl coaches joining forces on the same team is a completely unheard of event in the annals of NFL coaching history, and Billick must be credited with being a forward thinker in that regard.

Ron Cucina Nottingham

NFL should go back to marching bands

Isn't it about time for the NFL to rethink its policy of staging a "Hollywood Revue" during the Super Bowl halftime break?

Janet Jackson's "exposure" aside for the moment, what place do these people play in contributing to the greatest sporting event in the world?

Mixing rap and rock and roll with an NFL game is to attempt to blend apples and oranges.

The halftime show should, as it did in the old days, consist of a program by a participating team band, or one of the local college marching bands.

These "Hollywood Spectaculars" want to merge sex and the Super Bowl. In my opinion, it's time for the NFL to change its mind.

Bob Di Stefano Abingdon

Flag-draped singer was more offensive

Looks like everyone is going on and on about the Janet Jackson ordeal at the Super Bowl halftime show.

However, did anyone see the singer before her, Kid Rock, draped in an American flag that was cut so that it would fit over his head? Personally, I find this far more offensive than anything I've seen on TV in a long time.

Remember all the hoopla surrounding the Dixie Chicks because they stated their views about the war in Iraq? That was nothing in comparison. Yet this fool cuts an American flag and wears it onstage at the Super Bowl and no one is in an uproar? What's going on?

Michele Downing Baltimore

Wright is visionary for Baltimore sports

Regarding Ed Waldman's excellent piece on Carl A.J. Wright ["Wright optimistic on plan for downtown horse track" Jan. 31], I must admit that I enjoyed the article immensely, which is quite a departure from how I usually respond to The Sun's articles.

Perhaps because it was written by a sports writer, it did not have the normal derogatory undertones that are present when Republican figures are discussed.

Mr. Wright sounds like a true Baltimore visionary. He is applying all of his rational and professional skills he used to make him a successful businessman to the Maryland Stadium Authority. The state is fortunate to have a "volunteer" of such high caliber to help support economic development in our downtown Baltimore area.

My compliments to Mr. Waldman for providing such a balanced and informative view of a dynamic and interesting Baltimorean. I hope Mr. Wright succeeds in his ingenious and ambitious plans. I, for one, will be at the track supporting our important thoroughbred industry.

Paula Smith Reisterstown

Coverage of Phelps, swimming is refreshing

I make reference to the Feb. 1 letter that portrays The Sun's coverage of Michael Phelps' road to the Olympic Games as overkill.

I find it refreshing that a sport that gets little media coverage finally has a focal point locally. But when the Olympics are over, I am sure that we will be back to the occasional coverage of major swim meets and no one will have to be burdened with this "overkill."

Those of us who are parents of swimmers can only hope that Michael's feats will awaken the media to the world of swimming and all of the extremely talented swimmers in this area.

With spring right around the corner, I guess I will have to adjust to the plethora of lacrosse news that will fill the sports pages over the next few months.

Eric Nelson Havre de Grace

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