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Web site offers travelers a peek at meals on flights


Flying is fraught with so many uncertainties these days: Will my flight be canceled by a terror threat? Did I forget to take the nail file out of my purse? Did that other passenger just walk off with my shoes?

At least now you can be certain of one thing: what the food might look like on your next flight (assuming you're lucky enough to get any). A Web site, airlinemeals .net, posts photographs taken by passengers in flight, along with their ratings and comments.

More than 300 airlines are represented, from Aeroflot to Yangon Airways. Simply click on a link for your carrier and browse through the photos.

The dishes run the gamut, from a bag of TGI Friday's potato skins on Air Tran to a poached salmon terrine on a lentil-and-potato salad served on the now-defunct Concorde.

The site also features in-flight menus, vintage airline meal photos and even a peek at the (unexciting) meals for the crews.

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