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Seeing Red


Remember when red was dubbed the new black? The only trouble was that red can never be a neutral. Love's favorite hue is too bright and bold.

Even dangerous, like a matador's red cape.

Red is sexy, smoldering. It's no accident that one of our most romantic heroines was named Scarlett.

It's the color of fire and blood. The color of rubies. The color of lips.

You can bet Eve gave Adam a Red Delicious, not a Granny Smith.

Red demands to be noticed. Why else are stop signs and fire engines red?

Which leads us to this suggestion: If you're looking for a fabulous, attention-getting Valentine's present, start with color. Give something boldly, beautifully red. Or treat yourself. If nothing else, a bright red gift will keep the winter blues away.

You could stick to the tried and true: a dozen red roses or chocolates in a red, heart-shaped box. But let's get creative. Here are 10 fun, sexy, pretty or practical suggestions. And you won't go in the red buying them.

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