Carroll school officials ponder snow-day dilemma


With more wintry weather in the forecast this week, Carroll County school officials are soliciting ideas for making up lost days.

With February just starting, the county already has one day to make up because it has used more than the four emergency closing days that were built into the 2003-2004 school calendar, said Superintendent Charles I. Ecker.

"There's more snow coming," said Ecker. "We want to get the word out about the various options we have for the makeup days."

Ecker is considering the Presidents Day holiday, Feb. 16, as a possible makeup day.

He will submit a recommendation on making up lost school days when the county school board meets Feb. 11. The county school system must obtain a waiver from the State Department of Education to eliminate an official public school holiday.

Eliminating one or more state holidays is one option, Ecker said.

He said other options include:

Opening school on other scheduled days off for students -- Feb. 17, a professional and conference day, and April 8, part of spring vacation.

Lengthening the school day, which would require approval from State Department of Education officials.

Extending the school year beyond the last scheduled day of June 11, into the week of June 14.

Asking the state board to waive the 180-day school year requirement for students.

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