Marino denies 2nd thoughts about Miami job


HOUSTON - Miami Dolphins vice president of football operations Dan Marino denied an ESPN report that he is reconsidering the post he accepted less than a month ago.

"It's not true," Marino said through Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene shortly after the report aired. "I'm looking forward to starting my job with the Dolphins as soon as possible."

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported yesterday on NFL Countdown that Marino's new career "may get derailed, by Marino."

"He's having discussions with owner Wayne Huzienga about his role, which is loosely defined ... and is wrestling with the idea to do the job full throttle or not at all," Mortensen said.

Huizenga could not be reached to comment at his Fort Lauderdale, Fla., home. His wife, Marti, said he was away on business. Marino's agent, Marvin Demoff, said he didn't know about the situation.

"I saw Dan at the Super Bowl this week, and he didn't say anything about not wanting to do the job," Demoff said.

Mortensen is considered one of the top reporters covering the NFL. In 1999, he consistently was up on injury information regarding Marino, who was going through shoulder and neck pain that caused him to miss part of the season.

However, some of Mortensen's recent stories regarding the Dolphins have not panned out. He reported late in the season that the Dolphins were interested in former Washington Redskins coach Steve Spurrier.

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