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Super 'Survivor' Sunday


So it's Super Bowl Sunday? Technically, yes. But everyone knows that this year's game is just the warm-up act for the real contest on CBS tonight: the premiere episode of Survivor: All-Stars.

Why tune in for an eighth season? A new twist: All the players have been culled from previous seasons -- some of them winners (Richard Hatch, Jenna Morasca), close seconds and thirds (Colby Donaldson, Rob Cesterino), some big personalities (Jerri Manthey, Rupert Boneham), and others invited for reasons we can't fathom (Amber Brkich? Rob Mariano?).

This time, 18 players are split into three tribes (instead of the usual two groups of eight) to see who can be the "Sole Survivor." (Can they really call it that if four previous winners are playing?)

Will former alliances stand? Will old rivalries come into play? Beyond promising a slew of surprises, no one involved is offering any hints. But here's a look at who's competing and what we might expect from them.

We're not predicting a winner, but here's a guess: Hatch will be sent home early, if not first. And we're rooting for Rudy from Pulau Tiga, Kathy from Marquesas and Amazon Rob, who all should have gotten further.

"Survivor: All-Stars" airs tonight on CBS (WJZ, Channel 13) after the Super Bowl.

Mogo Mogo Tribe

1. Colby Donaldson, 29, Christoval, Texas, Outback: Got to the final two thanks to his alliance with Tina Wesson, but honoring it probably cost him the win. Don't bet on that alliance again.

2. Richard Hatch, 42, Pulau Tiga: Set a standard for manipulation (and nudity) in this game. Will he make it past the first tribal council?

3. Lex van den Berghe, 40, Santa Cruz, Calif., Africa: Profoundly cool -- the tattoos tell us that -- but hot under the collar. Will he hold his temper?

4. Jenna Morasca, 22, Bridgeville, Pa., Amazon: Stripped for peanut butter and her Playboy shoot -- oh yeah, and won $1 million. Can she stay clothed and still win?

5. Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, 50, Burlington, Vt., Marquesas: Widely acknowledged as the one who should have won the Marquesas prize. Her survival skills could take her far, if she's endearing instead of irritating this time.

6. Shii Ann Huang, 30, Middletown, R.I., Thailand: An outcast during most of her season. If she can keep from proclaiming herself "the Shii-Devil," she may do better.

Chapera Tribe

7. Tom Buchanan, 48, Rich Valley, Va., Africa: Brought personality (good-ole-boy style) to his first season. Can he be more than the class clown?

8. Rob Cesterino, 25, Wantagh, N.Y., Amazon: Ability to read competitors took him to a third-place finish. Does this self-described Survivor fanatic have a dossier on everyone?

9. Sue Hawk, 42, Palmyra, Wis., Pulau Tiga: Her "rat-and-snake" rampage at the final tribal council the first season had a level of vitriol unequaled since. Can she outdo herself?

10. Rob Mariano, 28, Boston, Marquesas: Nothing about this irritating, quickly-voted-off player screams "All-Star." Maybe producers hope his condescending attitude will add to the drama.

11. Amber Brkich, 25, Beaver, Pa., Australian Outback: Didn't talk much the first time around. May hope to snag a Playboy shoot (only got the cover of Stuff last time).

12. Alicia Calaway, 35, Trumbull, Conn., Outback: Best known for telling tribe mate Kimmi that "you will not wave your finger in my face" -- and for her abs. Might be more than muscle this season.

Saboga Tribe

13. Rupert Boneham, 40, Indianapolis, Pearl Islands: Embraced last season's pirate theme, which some found endearing, others grating. Either way, loyalty might not work among these all-star back- stabbers.

14. Ethan Zohn, 30, Lexington, Mass., Africa: Only winner who proved both nice and deserving. He'd better watch his back: His "flying under the radar" secret is out.

15. Tina Wesson, 42, Knoxville, Tenn., Outback: Rode her hidden alliance with Donaldson to $1 million. Whom will she pair up with this time?

16. Rudy Boesch, 76, Virginia Beach, Va., Pulau Tiga: Created the "grumpy old man" template. Expect crotchety, to-the-point statements -- and a death grip in any immunity challenge.

17. Jerri Manthey, 33, Germany, Outback: Complained editors made her out to be "the bitch." Back to reprise the role.

18. Jenna Lewis, 26, Franklin, N.H., Pulau Tiga: Cried when she didn't get a video from her family during a first-season reward challenge. No way mom will fail to send a message from home.

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