Letters to the Editor


Trimming trees protects power lines

When severe weather hits our area, results are predictable - power outages for many homeowners, especially in densely wooded areas such as Anne Arundel County.

Utility companies try to minimize the impact of severe weather by routinely trimming trees. The companies perform this task to help keep power loss at a minimum. Tree trimming reduces the chances of a falling branch or tree taking down a power line, and also helps keep power lines safely away from the public.

Baltimore Gas & Electric spends more than $19 million on tree trimming programs per year, yet tree-related outage problems persist in Anne Arundel because many property owners resist BGE's trimming efforts despite the fact that the company adheres to industry-standard practices.

Currently, tree trimming is the best way for utility companies such as BGE to ensure the reliability of the power system, but BGE needs our cooperation to help minimize outages. Let's help keep the loss of power to a minimum by permitting BGE to keep power lines free of overgrown trees.

Sen. Janet Greenip


The writer represents Legislative District 33.

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