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SARS, meningitis ruled out in college student's death


Doctors have ruled out SARS and meningitis in the death Monday of a 22-year-old student from Washington College in Chestertown who had become ill with flulike symptoms Jan. 18, state health officials said yesterday.

The state health department was trying to learn yesterday what killed Simon M. Hultman, a senior from Pahoa, Hawaii, who had been a patient at the University of Maryland Medical Center for about a week.


Hultman was majoring in international affairs with a concentration in Japanese language, culture and history.

Bald eagle population around Chesapeake grows

ANNAPOLIS -- The Chesapeake Bay watershed's population of bald eagles grew by 10 percent last year and has grown tenfold since 1977, federal officials announced yesterday.

The 2003 survey of the bay's bald eagle population found 760 occupied nests -- 396 in Virginia, 338 in Maryland, 25 in Pennsylvania and one in Washington, according to a report released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay Program.

The region's bald eagle population was reported to include only 74 pairs nesting in 1977, and last year's survey found 687 occupied nests. Officials credit the resurgence of bald eagles to a variety of factors, including the banning of the pesticide DDT in 1972 and efforts to preserve land and improve water quality.