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Kelley getting a new review


The publisher of USA Today has appointed a panel of distinguished journalists, including two outsiders, to oversee a new review of the reporting of former star foreign correspondent Jack Kelley.

Publisher Craig Moon announced the committee is to review all of Kelley's reporting over his two-decade career there and any related matters that arise. It will be led by John Seigenthaler, a past USA Today editor who is the former publisher and editor of the Nashville Tennessean, which, like USA Today, is owned by the Gannett Co. Other panel members include veteran newspaper editor Bill Kovach, now head of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, and William Hilliard, former editor of the Portland Oregonian. Their investigation will be assisted by a group of USA Today reporters.

Kelley was forced to resign earlier this month after editors discovered he had sought to deceive them during an aborted inquiry into the truthfulness of some of his articles. Since his departure, articles in The Sun and The New York Times have raised questions about the veracity of some of his past reporting, and he has been accused of lifting unattributed passages from articles in the Washington Post. A USA Today spokesman has said this second outside review of Kelley's work was prompted by the media scrutiny since his resignation.

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