Silent Scope rifle gives Xbox gamers best shot at accuracy

If you've ever played one of the fantastic shooting games for the Sony PlayStation 2 or the Microsoft Xbox, you'll come to one conclusion: Having a regular controller in your hand doesn't simulate firing a gun at all.

While some great Guncon devices are made for the PlayStation, only one accessory company has come out with a weapon with a trigger until now for the Xbox.


The latest addition to the light guns for the Xbox, the Silent Scope Light Rifle ($50), comes from Pelican Accessories.

The Silent Scope Light Rifle is the best accessory I've had the joy to play with on the Xbox. My abilities with the regular controller are suspect at best when trying to perform precision tasks such as gunning down a terrorist. But this rifle makes the gaming fun again.


The accessory is named after Konami's Silent Scope first-person shooting game series but will work with any game designed for a light gun.

Konami is releasing Silent Scope Complete for the Xbox on Feb. 10, and the light rifle will hit the market about five days later. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on both, which was superb fun.

The game, in fact, is four games - including the first three versions of Silent Scope and a new version just for the Xbox.

What makes the light rifle so slick is that it allows you to use either its auto-activated scope (sensors figure out when you're looking through the scope) or the well-positioned buttons along the barrel to bring up the same zoom-in scope view. You can also remove the stock and turn it into a pump-action shotgun.

Calibrating the rifle is easy. While the targeting reticle on the screen sometimes will stop tracking, I've found that just a few quick jerks of the rifle will get it moving into position again.

Information: 323-234-9911 or www.pelicanperformance. com.