Single fix bypasses password for good

When I start Windows 98, this annoying dialogue box appears asking to "Enter Network Password," with user name already showing. I hit Cancel or press the Enter key to continue the boot. Is there a way to stop this from appearing and banish it to the Recycle Bin forever?

All over the planet, millions of folks with PCs based on Windows 98 probably go through that same weary and needless password dance every time they turn on their machines.


It dates back to more primitive times when networking was much more difficult. And even though it's hardly needed anymore, waves of people still must hit Return at every boot-up to get past the box.

The solution is another dance, but at least you'll only have to do the "dump the dialogue box three-step" once. Here goes:


Right-click on the Network Neighborhood icon on the Windows 98 desktop and pick Properties. Now pick Configuration and Primary Network Logon. Pick Windows Logon and click OK. Windows will offer to restart the computer, and you need to click No.

Now go to the Passwords icon in the Control Panel by clicking on Start, then Settings and Control Panel. Pick User Profile and select the choice saying that all users of the computer use the same settings. Then click the Change Password tab in the same menu. Enter blank passwords. Close the two open menu boxes and restart your PC.

Your machine will bypass the nag and you'll be flying right after all those years of frustration.

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