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Letters to the Editor


Students struggling in tougher courses

As a junior at Chesapeake High School, I am not at all surprised to read the article "Teens struggle for a C average" (Dec. 28). Ever since this school year started, many of my fellow students have been falling behind in their studies, failing their courses due to course overload and switching books day to day. Some students have been unable to keep up with this schedule, including myself.

What is the county planning on doing about this? It's absolutely appalling to hear that Dr. Eric J. Smith doesn't seem to worry about the drop in averages. He says "There are adjustments to be made by us and the students."

Well, Dr. Smith, some students can't adjust as quickly as others and that shouldn't be held against them when they have colleges looking over their transcripts and deciding that they should be rejected. Just because their grades were particularly low and they could not participate in any activities because they were ineligible!

Then Dr. Smith would like students to achieve in higher-level classes that they are stuck in as soon as the year begins. Students try in AP classes but cannot keep up with the workload. When they try to get out of these classes, they are rejected. They have to stay in the class and earn low grades that drop their average even though they knew they couldn't handle it and the school did nothing to help them.

It seems as though at the rate the county is going, all students will be receiving C's in the near future.

Megan Huffman Pasadena

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