Spurrier's personality didn't fit in with NFL

Whether Steve Spurrier's style of football, namely concentrating on the passing game, will ever become a standard in professional football has not been answered by his brief tenure with the Washington Redskins.

Instead, the question as to whether a gentleman with too much concern for the owner, the players and the assistant coaches can ever be successful in professional football has been answered with a resounding no.

The highly competitive nature of professional football and the financial end of the sport play a large role in whether an individual who does not go for the jugular can ever succeed. On the basis of Spurrier's brief tenure, again the answer is no.

Hopefully, Spurrier will find a future niche more suitable to his personality and his undoubtable talents.

Nelson Marans Silver Spring

Spurrier ended stay in typical fashion

Say what you will about Steve Spurrier's record, but his departure from the Redskins was consistent with his coaching style right to the end: He couldn't get the right play in on the field, and he couldn't handle a resignation off the field without messing it up.

The only sadder aspect to this whole epic is owner Daniel Snyder's bull-in-search-of-a-china-shop management style.

Dave Barkley Fairfax, Va.

Poor foul shooting dooms Terps again

Here we go again. The Maryland basketball team lost another game, this time to Florida State last Sunday, because of atrocious foul shooting.

Coach Gary Williams even said so in his post-game interview.

But what else is new? I wish I had a nickel for every game the Terps could have won over the years had they shot better from the line.

Clay Warrington Earleville

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