NFL injury report



Ravens at St. Louis

RAVENS: Questionable: CB Corey Fuller (leg); S Chad Williams (back). Probable: RB Jamal Lewis (shoulder).

RAMS: Doubtful: DT Damione Lewis (ankle); DE Leonard Little (chest). Questionable: RB Lamar Gordon (ankle); LB Tommy Polley (elbow); CB James Whitley (foot). Probable: S Adam Archuleta (ankle); TE Cameron Cleeland (concussion); S Richard Coady (groin); RB Marshall Faulk (knee); S Jason Sehorn (foot).

Arizona at Pittsburgh

CARDINALS: Out: K Bill Gramatica (back); LB Gerald Hayes (shoulder); WR Jason McAddley (hamstring); RB Emmitt Smith (shoulder). Questionable: DT Derrick Ransom (ankle). Probable: RB James Hodgins (ankle).

STEELERS: Out: T Marvel Smith (neck). Questionable: LB Clint Kriewaldt (hamstring); TE Jay Riemersma (knee). Probable: WR Plaxico Burress (shoulder); CB Chidi Iwuoma (groin); WR Lee Mays (back); CB Ivan Taylor (finger).

Atlanta at N.Y. Giants

FALCONS: Out: QB Michael Vick (leg). Doubtful: DE Travis Hall (neck); CB Kevin Mathis (hamstring); S Gerald McBurrows (knee); DE Brady Smith (ankle). Questionable: G Kynan Forney (quadricep); DT Edward Jasper (ribs); TE Brian Kozlowski (calf).

GIANTS: Out: K Matt Bryant (hamstring); CB William Peterson (back). Questionable: DT Cornelius Griffin (ankle); S Johnnie Harris (hamstring). Probable: DT Keith Hamilton (ankle); DE Kenny Holmes (knee); CB Kato Serwanga (ankle); TE Jeremy Shockey (foot); DE Osi Umenyiora (ankle).

Buffalo at Dallas

BILLS: Doubtful: DT Ron Edwards (shoulder). Questionable: T Jonas Jennings (hip).

COWBOYS: Questionable: WR Randal Williams (ankle); T Ryan Young (knee). Probable: RB Richie Anderson (back/shoulder); TE James Whalen (leg).

Chicago at Detroit

BEARS: Out: CB Todd McMillon (hand). Questionable: WR Marty Booker (ankle); S Mike Green (groin); C Olin Kreutz (ankle); RB Adrian Peterson (ankle); DT Keith Traylor (knee); S Cameron Worrell (ankle).

LIONS: Out: WR Eddie Drummond (ankle/knee); WR Charles Rogers (collarbone). Questionable: CB Roderick Babers (shoulder); CB Dre' Bly (leg); DE Robert Porcher (hip); WR Bill Schroeder (leg); CB Jimmy Wyrick (chest). Probable: LB Barrett Green (toe); QB Joey Harrington (finger)

Cleveland at Kansas City

BROWNS: Out: RB William Green (coaching decision). Doubtful: T Barry Stokes (ankle). Questionable: T Chad Beasley (toe); C Jeff Faine (knee); G Shaun O'Hara (knee); CB Lewis Sanders (groin). Probable: LB Sherrod Coates (ankle); QB Tim Couch (thumb); TE Steve Heiden (knee); QB Kelly Holcomb (leg).

CHIEFS: Questionable: LB Fred Jones (foot); LB Mike Maslowski (knee). Probable: CB Julian Battle (hamstring); DT John Browning (shoulder).

Houston at Cincinnati

TEXANS: Doubtful: TE Rashod Kent (calf); DE Gary Walker (toe). Questionable: CB Jason Bell (knee); QB David Carr (ankle); LB Charlie Clemons (ankle). Probable: CB Marcus Coleman (neck); RB Domanick Davis (chest); RB Stacey Mack (knee).

BENGALS: Out: TE Reggie Kelly (foot). Doubtful: WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (hamstring). Questionable: RB Corey Dillon (groin); CB Artrell Hawkins (knee); S Marquand Manuel (hamstring). Probable: CB Jeff Burris (head); G Matt O'Dwyer (foot).

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

COLTS: Out: S Idrees Bashir (shoulder); LB Jim Nelson (collarbone); WR Brad Pyatt (back). Doubtful: DT Montae Reagor (chest). Questionable: TE Dallas Clark (hamstring); T Tarik Glenn (knee); T Adam Meadows (knee); RB James Mungro (knee); WR Brandon Stokley (head); WR Troy Walters (ankle). Probable: S Cory Bird (shoulder); T Ryan Diem (abdomen); CB Walt Harris (knee/shoulder); CB Joseph Jefferson (pelvis); RB Dominic Rhodes (knee); RB Ricky Williams (ankle).

JAGUARS: Out: DE Lionel Barnes (calf); QB Mark Brunell (elbow). Questionable: CB Jason Craft (knee). Probable: CB Fernando Bryant (head); WR Jimmy Redmond (foot).

Miami at Tennessee

DOLPHINS: Out: T Mark Dixon (ankle). Questionable: DT Larry Chester (hamstring/quadricep); QB Jay Fiedler (knee); RB Rob Konrad (shoulder/knee); CB Patrick Surtain (ankle); LB Zach Thomas (groin). Probable: DT Tim Bowens (neck); LB Tommy Hendricks (neck); RB Travis Minor (shoulder); WR Derrius Thompson (groin); RB Ricky Williams (leg).

TITANS: Out: WR Drew Bennett (calf); CB Andre Woolfolk (ankle). Questionable: RB Chris Brown (hamstring); S Donnie Nickey (foot); G Benji Olson (hamstring); CB Samari Rolle (elbow).

Minnesota San Diego

VIKINGS: Questionable: T Bryant McKinnie (ankle); LB Raonall Smith (hamstring).

CHARGERS: Out: WR Eric Parker (shoulder). Questionable: TE Stephen Alexander (groin); C Jason Ball (ankle); T Solomon Page (ankle); DT Jamal Williams (calf). Probable: WR Reche Caldwell (concussion); S Vernon Fox (groin).

N.Y. Jets at Oakland

JETS: Out: CB Donnie Abraham (shoulder); DE John Abraham (groin); WR Wayne Chrebet (head); S Jon McGraw (shoulder). Probable: RB Michael Bates (hand); LB Morris Lewis (hip/back).

RAIDERS: Out: QB Rich Gannon (shoulder); DT John Parrella (groin); QB Marques Tuiasosopo (knee). Doubtful: C Matt Stinchcomb (shoulder); DT Dana Stubblefield (ankle); DE Sam Williams (knee). Questionable: G Mo Collins (knee); T Lincoln Kennedy (calf); G Frank Middleton (quadricep); S Rod Woodson (knee). Probable: G Brad Badger (shoulder); WR Jerry Porter (abdomen); T Langston Walker (foot).

Seattle at Washington

SEAHAWKS: Doubtful: DT Norman Hand (biceps). Questionable: WR Koren Robinson (ankle). Probable: LB Chad Brown (foot); S Ken Hamlin (foot).

REDSKINS: Doubtful: RB Ladell Betts (arm); C Larry Moore (foot). Questionable: CB Rashad Bauman (ankle); RB Trung Canidate (ankle); DT Martin Chase (calf); S Todd Franz (ankle); DT Jermaine Haley (hand/shoulder); RB Sultan McCullough (hand); RB Chad Morton (ankle). Probable: LB LaVar Arrington (hand/knee); CB Champ Bailey (wrist/shoulder); QB Patrick Ramsey (finger/forearm); DE Bruce Smith (hand); CB Fred Smoot (chest).

Tampa Bay at Carolina

BUCCANEERS: Out: S Jermaine Phillips (forearm). Questionable: S John Howell (hamstring); WR Joe Jurevicius (knee); LB Ryan Nece (ankle). Probable: T-G Cornell Green (ankle); S John Lynch (shoulder); RB Michael Pittman (calf); CB Hank Poteat (hamstring); G Jason Whittle (shoulder).

PANTHERS: Questionable: RB Stephen Davis (ankle); DE Mike Rucker (ankle); TE Mike Seidman (ankle); RB Rod Smart (hamstring). Probable: WR Karl Hankton (hamstring); LB Dan Morgan (concussion); DE Kemp Rasmussen (neck).


Philadelphia at Green Bay

EAGLES: Out: S Brian Dawkins (foot). Doubtful: CB Bobby Taylor (foot); RB Brian Westbrook (ankle). Probable: K David Akers (heel); S Clinton Hart (hip); CB Roderick Hood (hamstring); DE Jerome McDougle (ankle); QB Donovan McNabb (back/thumb); WR Todd Pinkston (quadricep); G John Welbourn (knee).

PACKERS: Probable: CB Derek Combs (ankle); QB Brett Favre (thumb); TE Bubba Franks (quadricep); T Mark Tauscher (knee); TE Wesley Walls (hamstring).

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